MTSS Framework

For the last several years, South Brown County Schools have been using the MTSS process in order to eliminate the gaps in students' skills in Mathematics and Reading. We have seen a great deal of success with this process!  

MTSS stands for Multi-Tiered System of Supports.  It is the process of assessing students in grade level skills, then grouping students together that have common gaps in order to intervene.

Whether you are new to our district or you need a reminder -- this is our process and why we do it!

Most students have gaps - even more since COVID-19 shut schools down in 2020.  Each day teachers work with students, trying to reach each on their level and needs while also working on grade-appropriate skills.  By using the MTSS process the grade level teachers, classroom paras, and tutors can use all their resources together to achieve more!  As it is said, “Teamwork makes the dream work!”

MTSS Process

Students are assessed with a Benchmark test, which is done three times a year.  For USD 430 we use FastBridge.  Each grade level has a set of assessments - either computerized or one-on-one with a teacher, that contains grade-level appropriate skills.  After the benchmark, students are grouped into tiers and then into small skill groups.  

Tier I: All students get Tier I instruction.  This is the core instruction - coming from the classroom teacher.  No matter where your child falls within the tier system, they will be receiving Tier I grade-level instruction.  

Tier II: Students in Tier II get additional instruction in addition to the core instruction.  This intervention occurs daily.  A Tier II group varies in size but traditionally is kept between 5-7 students.

Tier III: Students in Tier III have the largest gaps, therefore receive additional interventions to the Tier II and core instruction.  Tier III groups are small, offering a teacher-to-student ratio of 1-3 or even less.

In addition to all the interventions happening to aid in learning gaps, students on grade level are getting challenging and accelerated interventions.  Allowing all students to grow.

Various intervention materials are used to eliminate gaps.  Some you may hear about are Really Great Reading, Barton Reading, FastBridge (which has built-in interventions), Delta Math, ALEKS, and IXL. All are research-based materials.