Preparation-KS Legislative Session

Below is a letter I submitted to United School Administrators of Kansas in preparation for the upcoming Kansas Legislative Session.  The letter addresses how schools used increased funding in Base Aid Per Pupil (BAPP) over the last few years.  Although USD 430 has only experienced minimum increases in BAPP due to enrollment fluctuating we are experiencing successes in many areas.  As a community, we need to celebrate our success! We are doing amazing things in South Brown County and I want to make sure our voices are heard.  

USD 430 South Brown County has seen improvements since the increase in funding for public schools.  With the additional funding USD 430 has been able to plan for the future knowing that the funding will be available to reach the goals that we set using our district strategic plan.   

South Brown County schools used the additional funding for the various programs, resources, teacher salaries, updating curriculum, focus on behavior management and implemented intervention programs that address the needs of at-risk students throughout our district. We were able to purchase much-needed intervention resources to help support the MTSS process throughout our buildings.  In addition, our staff was given the opportunities to attend professional developments to help better understand the MTSS process, the resources, and to better implement Tier I education. These resources have helped our district remove barriers for our students.

Over the last few years, USD 430 has seen growth in assessments scores and a decline in behavior referrals.  Our Benchmark, Progress Monitoring, and Kansas Assessment scores have gained steadily through the past years.  In Math, the 2015 Kindergarten class benchmark testing resulted in 60% of students in Tier 2.  Tier 2 indicates students are at least one grade level behind.  Last Spring, the same students, now 5th graders, scored 60% in Tier 1 - on grade level and 25% at Tier 2.  In Reading, the 2015 3rd graders' scores resulted in 47% of students in Tier 1, while in the Spring of 2021 those same students had risen to 70% in Tier 1.

The MTSS model helps schools set goals to reach Tier 1: 80%, Tier 2: 15%, Tier 3: 5%.  We now have several classes that have met that goal or better.  The Classes of 2023, 2024, and 2025 have reached that goal for both Math and Reading.  Stronger Tier 1 instruction, intervention resources, and professional development training for staff have benefited our students.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss in further detail the success South Brown County has seen over the past few years please feel free to contact me at 785-486-2611 or through email at


Jason Cline

Superintendent of Schools 

USD 430 South Brown County