At the end of each quarter, Everest Middle School has come up with opportunities to celebrate students that qualify for HONOR trips. The teachers at Everest Middle School volunteer to work the concession stand at the Middle School ball games to finance these opportunities.  The teachers will send home the student’s honor sheet and encourage the student to go over that honor sheet with their parents.  If the student qualifies to participate in the honor trip, a permission slip will be sent home and needs to be signed and returned to the school by the day of the trip or that student will not be able to participate.  The permission form will explain where we are going and what time they will be back to school.  We want to make sure that you as a parent are informed with where your student is at all times so please keep an eye out for this sheet towards the end of each quarter.  Please be sure to check your student’s grades and communicate with his/her teachers to see how they are doing so they don’t miss out on our second quarter honor trip.