September 28, 2021


Dear Parents and Guardians:        


Our high school seeks to create two- and four-year college graduates with minimal debt.  Thus, we are bringing proven, entertaining ACT preparation—OnToCollege (OTC)-- to students. Each student will experience the course in school over 23 weeks leading up to the Kansas free ACT test date. 


Students will also have online access at home to further prepare and work through many of the Additional Prep and Solution Video resources that are available to them.  If your student is struggling with a specific subject area or concept on the ACT, OTC’s Additional Prep and Solution Video resources can help.  In the weeks that lead up to the PreACT, Freshmen will be using resources in preparation for that particular assessment.


Higher ACT scores can mean larger college scholarships. The average score increase from OnToCollege is 2-3 points for the ACT and 70-100 points for the SAT, which can save your family thousands in college costs and increase your child’s college choices. Click here to watch a short video where John Baylor discusses the importance of the SAT & ACT, even at test-optional schools.


We will be offering valuable instruction time during the school day to complete the course.  Course work will be completed weekly during their SEL. All students are expected to attend all sessions and to complete all assignments. 


You are invited to follow OnToColleges Twitter feed, Facebook page, and use resources, read blogs, or watch videos/podcasts available for free at


We are excited to be doing, even more, to maximize your child’s chances to get into his or her best-fit college at the lowest cost and to become a college graduate with minimal debt.  Thanks for helping us ensure students prioritize this course and the upcoming test.

Larry Mills, HHS Principal

Tyler Smith, HHS Counselor

Robyn Allen, Curriculum Director