300 East 16th Street, Horton KS 66439
Voice: (785)486-2616 Fax: (785)486-2527

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HES kids

Judy Dickman, Principal

Please feel free to come and visit the school and your child’s classroom. A phone call to the office prior to your visit is appreciated. If you would like to have lunch with your child, please call the day before or early the morning of. Office personnel are available to answer the questions you may have about the school or will direct you to staff that may help you.

Horton Elementary Facts:
Construction in July of 1973 - 27,948 sq. ft.
Addition of 3 classrooms, Media Center, Computer Lab, 1997 - 8,800 sq. ft.
Instructional Classes: Kdg.-4th grade with a Special Education Pre-School class
Playground renovation in 1992, additional play equipment installed 2001, & 2004

Technology Support Information:
*For Tech Support please email support@usd430.org. To Email individuals in the district use username@usd430.org: username is constructed as the last name followed by the first initial of the first name.

300 East 16th Street, Horton KS 66439
Voice: (785)486-2616
Fax: (785)486-2527
Email: hortones@usd430.org



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