HHS Update August 2022

Horton High School Notes -    #chargeon

We are all excited to begin this new school year!  Construction is progressing nicely and the staff is working hard to get things ready for next week.   You will enjoy the improvements!

To ensure that each classroom is a quality learning environment we have a new policy that cell phones must be in the student’s locker during class.    In this day of multiple electronic devices and apps, many schools are adopting this policy.  Due to the policy change, cell phones are required to be in lockers, therefore we will be providing combination locks.  We will spend time at the beginning of school learning how to open the combination locks.  This is only for the hall lockers.  This doesn’t apply to the Ag/Shop lockers or the Locker Room lockers.  Students will not be allowed to bring their own locks.

Earbuds and any wireless listening devices are prohibited at all times.  Students will need to use headphones in the classroom from time to time.  Those need to be wired, not wireless, as stated on the supply list.  Teachers may allow students to listen to music on their Chromebooks at times.

With the new phone system, the office can reach all the classrooms if parents need to get in touch with their students.

A couple of notes for the start of school -

  • Sports practices begin Monday, August 15, 2022

  • August 16 @  8:00 a.m. – Freshmen and New HS Students to USD 430 first day 

  • August 17 @ 8:00 a.m. – All HS students will have school

  • All parking between the buildings is closed for now, so teachers will be parking in the row where the Seniors normally park.  All students will park in the east parking lot.  Seniors get the front row in the lot.

Have a great weekend!  Ready to see you all!   


Mr. Mills