Athletic Sponsors

Above you will see our students wearing athletic apparel that EMS has purchased over the past four years.  “Dress for success” is a quote that coaches use to give athletes confidence.  We love hearing compliments and when our student-athletes hear “man you look sharp” it gives them the confidence to succeed.  Wearing nice uniforms gives our student-athletes pride in their school and helps make them realize that people do care and support them.  At the beginning of the year, we tell our students that our community gives us money through the banner program and athletic golf tournament to allow us to make these purchases.  We cannot thank them enough.

Banner Program: Union State Bank, First Option Bank, Rainbow, Kickapoo Housing Authority and GNBank. 

Golf Tournament Sponsors: Auto’s 4 U, Custom Sheet Metal, Fiabesco, Ram Exterminators, Kansas Preferred Insurance, Molt Accounting, Sweet Pro, Baker Electric, Ross Flooring, llc., Lockwood Farms, Champ Insurance, Fender Mender, Kimmi’s Cutlery, Kex Rx, Rocking C Insurance, State Farm Insurance, Lentz Express and Thriftway.