120 days

Our first graders are 120 days smarter! We celebrated the 120th day of school on Wednesday, March 9th. The kiddos had the opportunity to dress like a 120-year-old! The first-grade teachers even joined in on the fun!

The whole day was spent doing activities that involved the number 120. Some of those activities included: writing 120 words, taking 120 steps in the building, getting 120 autographs, making a 120-day hat, creating a gumball machine and making a colored pattern with the numbers, counting by tens to 120 using stickers, counting by fives, and tens to 120 and completing 120 exercises.

There was also some yummy food involved during the day! The kiddos filled ten sticks with fruit loops. After counting to 120 with the tens sticks, they used string to create a necklace using the fruit loops. They even made 120 pancakes, working on tally marks to 120 and learning how to flip and make their own pancake!