Bond Project Update

March 11, 2022


The District has been moving forward with planning and approving bids for the bond project.  During the March 9, 2022 Board of Education Meeting, the Board approved the bid from Higgins Glazing Systems for the replacement of windows and doors at all three buildings. Higgins Glazing Systems bids came in at $679,528 for High School, $337,026 for Middle School, and $191,193 for Elementary School.  Higgins Glazing System bids were lower than TimeKey Glazing.  There were five companies present during the pre-bid meeting on February 21.  Out of the five only Higgins and TimeKey turned in a bid for the project. 

Previous projects that have been awarded already include:  New Roof at Elementary, New HVAC System, and Exterior Restoration at all school buildings. The remaining projects that will need to be bid out include, security systems, concrete replacement, and outside handrails.  With the increase in cost that is being seen across the country, I am pleased with our current outcome and confident that we will be able to finish all the projects on the bond for the $7 million that the voters approved last fall.  

HVAC workers, including Shelley Electric and U.S. Engineering, started removing ceiling tiles today from the Elementary School and Middle School.  Trash Dumpsters and cargo containers will be placed on site today and early next week. The workers will be at the schools next week during Spring Break.  After the break, the work will continue with minimal disruption to our students' learning.  We are hoping that the HVAC Systems will be complete at both the Horton Elementary School and Everest Middle School by the end of May, then the work will shift toward the High School in June. 

All bond projects are anticipated to be designed, bid, and completed by the fall of 2022.  


Jason Cline 

Superintendent of Schools 

USD 430 South Brown County