Horton HS Art

Horton High School and Everest Middle School Art Programs Recipient of Kansas Creative Arts Industry Commission Grant

The Horton High School and Everest in Middle Art Programs received a Visiting Artist grant from the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission (KCAIC) and the National Endowment of the Arts. KCAIC is dedicated to promoting, supporting and expanding Kansas’ creative industries and enriching communities through arts and culture. The Arts Integration Program supports the role the arts play in all levels of education, community service programs and workforce development.


The KCAIC grant will bring to the art programs at Horton High School and Everest Middle School the opportunity to work with practicing artisans and professionals in three two-day workshops on metal-forming and jewelry making. This innovative approach will be student-centered programming that increases access to high quality arts learning experiences and new pathways for students to participate in. Students will be working with professional artists with real-world experience that students can correlate to actual career pathway choices.

This is the fourth grant that Mrs. Krogmann, the art teacher with the district, has written to help support the Art Program at Horton High School and Everest Middle School. “The arts are vital assets that improve the quality of life throughout our schools and their communities. The arts foster critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and connections to our rich cultural heritage in our communities. Grants such as the KCAIC grant help bring in practicing artisans and professionals that have real-world experiences. Previous grants for visiting artists focused on ceramics, glass-blowing, printmaking, and more.” Horton High School and Everest Middle School art students are excited by this new opportunity and are looking forward to having this content incorporated into their future curriculum.